Marie Mattsson (SWE) & David Rehm (USA)

Marie is not only a marvellously elegant dancer and appreciated follower, she is also recognized for her high energy, positive spirit and warm attitude as an instructor. She has a wealth of teaching experience, from beginners to competition couples, and appears on the teaching line ups at many established camps around the globe. Coming from Stockholm, Marie is also one of the organizers of the Snowball.

David Rehm is a geek-turned-professional-dancer specializing exclusively in the partnered swing dances, Lindy and Balboa, and widely considered one of the top Balboa dancers and instructors in the world. He is regularly featured teaching and judging at the most prestigious events dedicated to those dances throughout North America, Europe and Asia. In addition to numerous awards, in 2006 David captured both the American and European Balboa titles (with different partners) by winning the American Classic Balboa Championship and the Euro Bal Cup. He is also the creator of The Experiment, “the world’s most intimate and intensive Balboa workshop”, as well as the founder of the Northeast Balboa Corridor (NEBC) project. David is best known for his ability to capture both broad thematic abstractions and technical details all in the form of conceptual principles.


Masha Krokhina (RUS) & Albert Ferran (SPA)

Masha is the headliner of Balboa in Russia. Finalist and winner of numerous Russian and international competitions. She has been teaching regular classes in Moscow since March 2007, while constantly conducting workshops all over Russia and teaching with her regular partner (Alexey Gudovich) at swing dance camps in Moscow, St-Petersburg, Perm, Kazan, Minsk, Kiev. Taught classes during balboa weekends and exchanges in Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Spain, at Paris Balboa Shag Festival, Studio Hop Summer Camp and numerous weekends in France, at Rock That Swing Festival, and Balboa Castle Camp in Germany.

Masha tries to expand and enrich her dance experience through all other swing dances (especially lindy-hop and blues) plus salsa and argentinian tango. While teaching, she practices an individual approach to each student, strives to pay attention to details and exercise precision in technique, and most of all – to inspire musicality, creativity and personal style.

Albert has been dancing Balboa since 2005, trying to grow the Balboa scene in Barcelona and also teaching internationally since 2011. He has developed his own style with a particular way to combine pure bal and balswing. He has won balboa international titles like Eurobal cup 2011 and BOTP classic open in 2013, or Easter balboa championships 2013. This year he finished in 4th place at ABW Cleveland.